American Funds 401k Login

What is American funds 401k login?

American Funds is a global investment company. This firm helps the investors to gain successful investment based on the company’s approach and value. American Funds offers the different way to manage the money. It emphasizes the long term view and research. No doubt, American Funds can grow to be the largest investment management company in the world. It manages more than $1.9 trillion. This company also offers retirement plans through American Funds 401K program.

What are the Retirement Plans Offered by American Funds?

  • Simple IRAs.
  • Traditional/Roth IRAs.
  • SEP IRAs.
  • 403(b) Plans.
  • 401(k) Plans.

How to Access American funds 401k login page?

  • Visit
  • Select retirement menu.
  • Tap the login button.
  • Enter the account number or user name.
  • Enter the password.
  • Press Login button.

American Funds Retirement Services > Account login

To get started, you will be prompted to enter your SSN and date of birth. Then choose a delivery method (text or email) for us to send you the code. The one-time passcode will replace the security image and questions that you previously setup to log in to your account.