ASX Student Login

What is ASX Trade Share Student Login?

ASX Student Login can be accessed at ASX is an online portal offering a fun game for the students. Through this game, the students can learn how to invest, purchase, and sell shares. This game also teaches the students to do some market research. Besides, this online platform also offers the lesson plan for the teachers.

How is the Step of ASX Teacher registration?

If you want to sign up ASX school game registration, you can do these steps:

    • Visit
    • Select Teacher Registration button.
    • Complete the online form.
    • Create a username and password.

How to Access ASX Student Login page?

ASX Game School login page can be accessed through this simple guideline.

  • Visit or
  • Select Student Login.
  • Enter email address.
  • Write the password.
  • Press the Login button.

MyASX – ASX The ASX Schools Sharemarket Game gives secondary school students across Australia the opportunity to buy and sell shares using real companies, live share prices, and brokerage charges on every trade. A teacher needs to register their school by becoming a MyASX user and completing the Game registration form.