Eschool mall

What is Eschool mall?

Eschoolmall is the previous name of ESM Solution. ESM stands for Spend Management Solution. This organization provides spend management and eprocurement for K-12 marketplace. Previously, you can access eschoolmall portal at But now, this website is not accessible anymore. If you want to find any information related to eSchoolmall portal, it is better to visit

What Can We Access at ESM Solutions website?

  • ESM platforms.
  • ESM contracts.
  • ESM purchase.
  • ESM source.
  • ESM supplier.

How to Access Eschoolmall login?

Now you can log into eschoolmall through ESM solutions portal. Here is the login steps.

  • Visit Eschool mall portal at
  • Select Sign In menu.
  • Select Customer login or Supplier login.
  • Select ESM solutions, eschool mall, or mercury version.
  • Enter NCES ID.
  • Write down your username.
  • Enter the password.

eSchoolMall – Supplier Home Page

MCOECN and eSchoolMall Bring Electronic Procurement Solutions to Ohio Schools. TakeCharge Technologies Partners with eSchoolMall. easyTouch Navigation™ – Customer Support at (877) 969-7246 or [email protected]