Fieldtex Login

What is Fieldtex Login Portal?

Fieldtex Login page is accessible at Fieldtex administers Over the Counter Benefits from Getaway Health. It offers wide selection of products and also convenient service. This benefit program is designed to give the access to the customers for the health plan and products. If you want to review more detailed information related to Fieldtex Health benefits or OTC benefits, you can access your account at Fieldtex portal.

What is Fieldtex Login Guideline?

  • Access
  • Enter your member ID.
  • Enter the password.
  • Tap the login button.

How to Contact Fieldtex Customer Support?

  • For ordering issue: 1 855 350 0074.
  • For questions: 1 800 685 5209.
  • Detailed products:


Fieldtex Login

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