Freezerpro Login

What is Freezerpro Login Portal?

Are you trying to reach Freezerpro Login page? You can access it at This online platform offers Sample Management Solutions. It offers the sample information from any source. This software solution is secure, reliable and fast. the users can find out the precise information related to the laboratory sample. FreezerPro is developed by Brooks. It is a technology company that offers cryogenic and automation solutions for any markets.

What are Freezerpro Features?

  • No IT requirements.
  • Liability protection.
  • Lab operations run easier.
  • Live search.
  • Label designer.
  • Virtual freezer.
  • Sample alerts.

How to Access FreezerPro Login Portal?

  • Visit or
  • Enter Freezerpro login ID.
  • Enter the password.
  • Click on the login button.


Freezerpro Login

Freezerpro gives you a lab management software that is easy to configure and is affordable. It can track any type of sample or specimen in your lab. It is also available as a cloud based software.