Grants for Veteran: AIU Online Grant Information

Grants For Veteran – are we looking for education grants for veteran? This is the right place then. We are here have some information about AIU Online Grant for Veteran which can be useful for us. As basic information, AIU or American InterContinental University is a respected University which had been established since 1970. This one have interesting concept of study where the student can choose over how, when and where they study. This concept will make our life easier, especially if we want to balance our desire to earn a degree with our social life and also responsibilities.

Besides, AIU also introducing an award-winning Virtual Campus of AIU Online in which offers us this education grant for veterans. For all Veterans of the U.S. military who had been honourably discharged in form of tuition and fees discount, then the AIU Online virtual campus offers us this grant. By applying this grant, the veterans may be eligible for up to 10% of program costs.

The first requirement is that the applicant must be accepted for admission to the University to acquire this education grants for veteran from AIU Online. Well, the applicants also have to allow the university to verify their military discharge via a DD-214 Member-4. Or this can also be comparable government document as well as complete the AIU Online Veterans Grant Attestation form.

Typically, the AIU Online Veterans Grant has several conditions. Therefore, it is much better for the applicants to take notes for this. The conditions are such as:

  1. The AIU Online Veterans Grant. This grant is intended for only prior or current program charges. In notice, the grant will not apply for future program charges.
  2. AIU Online Veterans Grant. These second grants are eligible for all Veterans of the U.S. military to apply for this with the exception of veterans who discharged dishonourably.
  3. The AIU Online Veterans Grant. The third one is awarded proportionately over each session in the academic year.
  4. The AIU Online Veterans Grant. This percentage will be applied to the academic year tuition costs.
  5. The applicant must apply and be accepted for admission to the University in order to be eligible to receive the AIU Online Veterans Grant.
  6. For all AIU Online Veterans Grant, they are awarded as a credit to the student’s account. Thus, we need to note that there will be no cash payments awarded to the student in any amount.
  7. In notice, the AIU Online Veterans Grant is non-transferrable and non-substitutable. Besides, the grant also cannot be combined with any other grants from AIU. If an applicant happens to be eligible in two or more grants from AIU University, then the one shall choose the grant which gives the greatest benefit to the student.
  8. It is worth to note that the AIU Online Veterans Grant funding is limited, besides the aforementioned conditions.
  9. The candidates eventually approved for the grant, they have to provide the necessary documentation before the grant is disbursed. Otherwise, the students will have to pay for the application fee if the students failed to show documentation.

Grants for Veteran: the way to apply for this AIU Online Veterans Grant, the potential candidates have to visit American InterContinental University webpage where we can learn more about AIU, their degree programs complete with the application needed for admission.