IDshield Login

What is Idshield Login?

IDShield is an identity theft monitoring service. But, you have to note that Idshield cannot prevent your identity theft. This service only can help you to give some alerts when your personal information is exposed. Idshield also can help you to recover it. This service offers a free trial for the new users. This way, you can try the features that you may need to protect your identity.

Idshield offers two kinds of plans. The First plan is individual plan. This service costs $13.95 up to $17.95 per month. Idshield also offers family plans. This service costs $26.95 up to $32.95 per month.

What are the Featured Offered by Idshield?

This service offers these kinds of features:

  • Unlimited consultation.
  • Dark web surveillance.
  • Credit score tracker.
  • 24/7 access especially for emergency support.
  • Scan unwanted images on social media.
  • Monitor the unwanted activity on the financial accounts.

How to Access Idshield Login?

Before accessing your account at Idshield, make sure that you have activated your account. this way, your username and password are valid. Here are the steps to log into IDShield.

  • Visit the official portal of Idshield login page at
  • Enter your Idshield username.
  • Enter your Idshield password.
  • Click on Continue Button.

Comprehensive Identity Monitoring and Protection | IDShield 3 million cases of fraud were reported in 2019 alone. Identity theft is upsetting and can hurt you financially for years to come. IDShield offers a comprehensive tool to monitor your presence online and be notified of any unusual activity so you can take action before you become a victim of identity theft.