Kronos Poundland

What is Kronos Poundland Portal?

Kronos Poundland is an employee portal owned by Poundland. For your information, Poundland is a store chain based in the UK. This retail company was established in 1990. This store is very popular since it sells all products at the same price £1. This store has more than 900 locations in the UK.

What Can You Access at Poundland Kronos?

This employee portal offers various information for Poundland employees, such as:

  • Working schedule.
  • Attendance information.
  • Work benefits.
  • Payroll information.
  • Workforce Timekeeper.

How to Access Kronos Poundland employee portal?

  • Visit
  • Enter your surname.
  • Enter the colleague number.
  • Press the Login button.

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