Lecturetools Login

What is Lecturetools Login Portal?

Lecturetools Login page can be accessed at lecturetools.com or echo360.com. Lecturetools is online learning environment that enables the students to communicate with the lecturers by using their mobile phones or laptops. But, in 2012, lecturetools was acquired by Echo360. This tool is proven to improve the attentiveness and engagement of the students in class. Lecturetools can be run without special installation and hardware.

What Features are Offered by LectureTools?

  • Video platform for education.
  • ASR solution for student learning.
  • Recording and streaming.
  • Video learning and engagement.
  • Video management.
  • Students analytic.

What are the Steps of Lecturetools Login?

  • Visit lecturetools.com or echo360.com.
  • Select Login option.
  • Enter the echo360 email address and password.
  • Click on Submit button.


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