Litesabre Login

Litesabre Login

What is LiteSabre Login Portal?

Litesabre login is the extension for Google Chrome. This application is dedicated for American Airline pilots. By using this Chrome extension, they can trade the trips faster than using home installed program. Litesabre serves as an enhancement service and scheduling tool. This tool is really helpful since it can increase the working experience.

What are the Features of Litesabre?

  • Access DECS.
  • Trading feature.
  • Automatic DFP Shuffling.
  • Scheduling feature.

What are Pros and Cons of LiteSabre?

  • Litesabre can trade faster than the home version.
  • ThePilot can set a scheduling system.
  • Trading can be done quickly.
  • It requires APA membership.
  • Only available for Chrome.


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