What is LMS KingsWay?

LMS.Kingsway is a Learning Management System created by Kingsway Regional School District. This system is aimed to support the virtual teaching learning process by students and teachers. This portal also facilitate the interaction among parents, students, as well as the faculty. This way, Kingsway regional School District can create a complete virtual environment. By using LMS Kingsway, it is not necessary to use Google Classroom anymore.

LMS Kingsway is supported by Schoology. This portal is integrated with PowerSchool and other applications such as Newsela, Google Drive, and Remind.

What are the Benefits of Schoology or LMS Kingsway?

  • The faculty can create a digital ecosystem.
  • The material, feedback, assessment can be delivered to the students easily.
  • The students can submit their task easily.
  • The Parents can monitor the students’ learning progress.

What are the steps to log into Schoology?

The way to access LMS.Kingsway is super easy. Here are the steps to reach your Schoology account or Kingsway E-learning portal.

  • Visit LMS.Kingsway portal at lms.kingsway.co.za
  • Click on Kingsway Portal login menu.
  • Select the language.
  • Enter your Kingsway username.
  • Enter your Kingsway password.
  • Press the Login button.

KHS E-LEearning Portal

http://lms.kingsway.co.za/index.html#! Download Past papers, support material and much more to help boulster your matric study programme.