Micare Login

What is Micare Login Portal?

Micare login page can be accessed at eclaims.micaresvc.com. Micare is TPA or Third Party Administrator which connects the infrastructure and application among the patients, doctors, corporates, and governments. The aim of this service is to offer efficient and seamless healthcare management and service.

What Services are Offered by Micare?

  • Third Party Administration.
  • Fees for Service.
  • Business Process Outsource.

How to Access Micare Login Portal?

  • Visit eclaims.micaresvc.com.
  • Tap Login menu.
  • Enter User ID.
  • Enter the password.
  • Press the Login button.

miCare Health Centers Improve Access, Contain Healthcare …

MiCare Health Centers are a revolutionary model, designed to provide quality health services at or near the workplace. The goal is to improve access to care while containing costs. These primary-care health centers provide patient-centric, employer-sponsored care. They are a game-changer for plan sponsors and members.