National Geographic Dna Test Results Login

What is National Geographic DNA Test?

National Geographic Dna Test Results Login page can be accessed at This Genographic project was started in 2005. National Geographic DNA Test is a research project collaborated with the universities and scientists all around the world. The goal of this project is to reveal the pattern of human migration. More than 1 million people participate in this project. The product used is National Geographic Geno DNA Ancestry Kits.

How to Access National geographic Login page?

Here is the quick step to log into your National geographic account.

  • Visit
  • Tap the Login menu.
  • Enter the username.
  • Enter the password.
  • Press Login button.

Geno DNA Ancestry Kit – National Geographic Helix shared with National Geographic only the portion of information resulting from sequencing the user’s DNA that was needed by National Geographic to provide the user with their deep ancestry