Novel Login

What is Novel Login Portal?

Novel login page can be accessed at Novell is a software service company based in America. This company is headquartered in Utah. This company was established in 1979 and becomes the leader of software provider. But, in 2014, this company was acquired by Micro Focus International.

What Products and Solutions are Offered by Micro Focus and Novell?

  • Relational Database management system.
  • Integrated development Environment.
  • Acu Connect.
  • Acu Server.
  • Acu to Web.
  • AD Bridge.

How to Access Novell Login Portal?

  • Visit
  • Select Support Login.
  • Click on My Account.
  • Enter Novell Email address.
  • Click on Continue button.

Logging In to the Network –

(Optional) To run login scripts during this login session, click the Script tab, then select the options needed to run the login scripts. For more information on login scripts, see Section 1.2.2, Running Novell Login Scripts During Login. Click OK to log in to the server specified in Step 3.