Qoqolo Star Learners

What is Qoqolo Star Learners?

Qoqolo is the educational app developed by Star Learners. This app is designed for the parents and teachers. This app consists of two applications. They are Qoqolo School app and Qoqolo Logbook App. Qoqolo School App helps the parents and teachers to maintain the daily routines of the students. Besides, Qoqolo Logbook App helps the students to sign in simpler.

What are the Features of Qoqolo Star Learners App?

  • Student development on class.
  • Show the latest announcement.
  • Show the sign in and sign out.
  • Fee status.
  • Event Booking.

What is Qoqolo Star Learners Student Management?

  • Health record.
  • Student record.
  • Attendance report.
  • School bus.
  • Incident Log.

Star Learners Child Care – Qoqolo

https://www.qoqolo.com/blog/star-learners-child-care Star Learners Team use Qoqolo to automate workflow to solve their daily operation issues and connect with parents. Some of our highlight features are mentioned below. Parents can consent via Qoqolo Parent App for their children to attend activities such as school excursions, enrichment, annual photography sessions or concerts. Teachers can track attendees, add events automatically to the calendar and assign fee collection.