RALS Login

What is RALS Login Portal?

Rals login is accessible at rals.com. RALS is the solution system used to manage the patient result, certification, linearity, device configuration, etc. This system provides a wide selections of features and reports integrated with elearning system such as RALS HealthStream and RALS eQuiz.

What does RALS Offer?

This company offers:

  • RALS and the Care Act.
  • RALS Webinar Series.
  • RALS Manual Test Entry.
  • RALS HealthStream.
  • RALS Equiz.

How to Access RALS Login Page?

  • Visit RALS.com.
  • Select RALS service or product you want to try.
  • Read the term and condition.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • Press the Login button.

RALS® Web3

https://www.rals.com/us/home/rals/rals-web3.html Personalized dashboards In the New RALS User Interface (available in Version 6.0 SP7), users can personalize the dashboard they see when they first log in to RALS. Instead of a basic status screen, you can choose what snapshots you want to see, like expiring operator certifications, services, and more… and each snapshot can be viewed as a graph, table or text.