Rexall Ilearn

What is Rexall Ilearn Portal?

Rexall Ilearn portal is accessible at This portal introduces the new app offered by Rexall which is called as Be Well. This app offers health, wellness and reward program by Rexall. Besides, this app also helps you to manage the medication management. With Rexall Be Well App, you can receive personalized offers, earn the reward and connect to Rexall Pharmacy.

What Can You Access at Rexall Portal?

  • Access Rexall store locator.
  • View Weekly Flyer.
  • Access Rexall Pharmacy.
  • Explore Online Health Service.
  • Shop online.
  • See Rexall promotion.

How to Access Rexall Ilearn Login?

  • Visit
  • Select Login to Be Well.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Type the password.
  • Click on Sign In button.
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