Scudder Investments 401k

What is Scudder?

Scudder Financial Communication is a financial company offering retirement plan. This plan is called as Scudder Investment 401K. The official site of Scudder can be accessed at Through this portal, the customers can review the retirement plan. Besides, they also can apply for the plan they are interested in.

What Can You Access at Scuddercom portal?

Scudder Communication offers completed information about investment and retirement program. Here are the example of the programs offered:

  • Retirement plan.
  • Pension plan.
  • Business insurance.

Scudder Financial Communications Prior to developing the Your Retirement Plan series, Scudder Financial Communications was responsible for creating the retirement programming for The Vanguard Group. Taking 5 years of best practice experience in retirement education with large plans, the Your 401k series was created to make that expertise available to both large and small