SITCM Moodle Login

What is SITCM Moodle login page?

If you search for SITCM Moodle Login link and login steps, you are in the right place. SITCM stands for Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This educational institution develops the traditional Chinese medicine education. SITCM is located in Australia. The previous name of this college is NSW College of natural Therapy. This college offers four-year undergraduate program as well as course’s learning program. This institution offers SITCM Moodle for the student portal.

What Learning Program Offered by SITCM?

This college offers various educational program related to Chinese Medicine. For instance:

  • Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • vocational education and training.
  • The SITCM Teaching Clinic

How to Access SITCM Moodle portal?

  • Visit the official site of SITCM at
  • Select Moodle menu.
  • Enter your username.
  • Enter the password.
  • Press the login button.

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