SSSC Login

What is SSSC Login?

SSSC stands for Scottish Social Services Council. This company tries to protect Scotland people by signing up social service workers and set the standard for the practice and training. SSSC also supports the professional development. It commits to increase the protection to anyone who use the service.

What does SSSC do?

  • SSSC register the people of Scotland who work in social service.
  • It publishes the national code for the people who are working in social service as well as the employers.
  • Regulate and promote the learning as well as development of social service workforce.
  • It becomes the leading of workforce development in Scotland.

How to Create My SSSC account?

  • Visit
  • Press Create an Account menu.
  • Provide title and complete name.
  • Write down your date of birth.
  • Enter contact information.
  • Provide an email address.
  • Enter National insurance number.

How to Access My SSSC Login?

  • Visit MySSSC portal at
  • Enter your email address.
  • Provide the correct SSSC password.
  • Press the sign in button.

The Scottish Social Services Council – Scottish Social Services Council Creating an account is easy. Creating an account is easy — You’ll be asked for a few personal details to identify you. Create an account We’ve produced some FAQs to help you get the best out of MySSSC.