Youtube Dashboard Login

What is Youtube Dashboard Login?

Youtube is video sharing platform based in America. This company is headquartered in California. This platform was founded in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley,a nd Jawes Karim. Youtube lets the users to post and upload, watch, share, rate, and comment to the video. The content that is usually uploaded to Youtube is in the form of video clips, music videos, documentary film, video blogging, educational videos, etc.

Youtube dashboard helps the users to manage and view the complete information about Youtube channel performance. This way, the user can connect the Youtube channel and monitor how many views on the video, how many subscriber, and the average time duration.

What You can do at Youtube Dashboard?

  • Monitors the channel performance.
  • View the total of subscribers and viewers.
  • Highlight the subscriber’s activity.

What are the Steps to Access Youtube Dashboard Login page?

  • Visit Youtube dashboard at
  • Enter your email address.
  • Provide the correct password.
  • Press Sign In button.

Sign in & out of YouTube – Computer – YouTube Help Go to In the top corner, click Sign-in.

The YouTube dashboard template offers a complete view of your YouTube channel performance. Easily connect your YouTube channel and monitor views on your videos, average time duration, and how many new subscribers you got. Visualize overall channel performance to see where the viewers are coming from, and what are your best videos.